Leonidas at heart

Our values embody our commitment to excellence, our passion for chocolate and our deep respect for our employees, the true architects of our global success.


Each and every one of us must be able to contribute to creating a positive and stress-free working environment, while sharing our knowledge with others.

The fact that I'm surrounded by people with a wealth of experience who share their expertise is a reflection of the family-friendly spirit of our company. That's what I like most, because it shows the goodwill of the staff, who always want to make our company even better!


Chocolates picker


Everyone has to accept responsibility for their work. Showing initiative, flexibility and following through on tasks within deadlines is important.

Thanks to everything I've experienced over the years, and in particular all the challenges I've had to face, I've been able to become a true professional in my field. But what I remember most is the human side of the company, meeting my wife and the friendships I've made with the staff!


Cream preparation

Respect & Integrity

We expect you to treat others with respect and kindness. You open up to others and their ideas, without discrediting them.

My happiest memory is a bit of a paradox. I had an accident at work, which wasn't easy. And yet it was at that moment that I saw an outpouring of solidarity and enormous support from my colleagues. I'll never forget that.


Liquid chocolate and raw materials logistics


Show motivation, involvement and commitment every day. Every employee is a Leonidas ambassador, smiling and pleasant every day.

For 40 years, I've been making the delicious creams of your favourite pralines, including the creamy coffee buttercream of the iconic Manon, and I'm still as passionate about it as ever!